RedQuoteMarks Pumps & Systems has been an exceptional editorial and marketing partner for Siemens for many years, and we value their expertise and ability to help us reach our target audiences. As a global leader in the fields of electrification, automation and digitization, we look to Pumps & Systems to help us build awareness, but to also drive business. Their team has a strong understanding of their market and is proactive in presenting Siemens with unique, turnkey opportunities that work.

Bob Barteis
Division Media Relations, Siemens


BPA provides you and our readers with the assurance that we are being honest about our readership and services. It is a third-party service that provides compliance and audience assurance verification. We want to be a brand you can trust, and being BPA-audited is at the basis of that promise.

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We want you to have an accurate picture of how your message affects the spending habits of our readers. We provide you with a ROI marketing report to track the effectiveness of your campaign. Your account executive will help you analyze your report and use the information to strengthen current and future campaigns.

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