CBO Sales Team


Judy Rice
Senior Account Executive
Judy has been a successful sales leader for the past 24 years. She joined Construction Business Owner in 2004, making her one of the company’s most familiar faces. Her acerbic wit keeps us on our toes, while her flair and keen eye for decorating lends style to our office. She enjoys working with clients and keeps her focus on customer service. It’s most rewarding, she says, when someone expresses their appreciation for her business ethics and hard work.



Van Imbragulio
Senior Account Executive
Van likes to see his customers succeed, and in today’s changing media landscape, that means understanding the best that print and digital have to offer. Van offers an unrivaled depth of knowledge in analytics, with the ability to measure true results for his clients with proven metrics. He graduated from Southern Miss in 1987 with a BS in marketing management and has been with Construction Business Owner since 2010. His competitive edge makes him an ace on the tennis court as well as in the office.


Brian Hamby
Senior Account Executive
Brian has a passion for sales - and for helping his customer’s achieve their marketing goals. With a degree in graphic design/advertising, a master’s in sports management, and 21 years of business experience, he’s carved out quite a career for himself. His curiosity and discipline extends well beyond the corporate environment. He has also achieved multiple titles in NGA Professional bodybuilding including 2015 Mr. Alabama and 2016 Southeastern Champion. Power and strength - yeah! Perfect sales chops.




Greg Meineke
VP Sales
Greg, himself a fan and coach for his kids teams, has sports in his blood. Literally. His dad was an NBA standout who still holds several records. Greg has taken the ideals of teamwork to heart, building relationships in and out of the office as the foundation of his success. He’s a graduate of Miami of Ohio, with a degree in marketing. After nearly 30 years of advertising experience, Greg joined the Cahaba Media Group team in 2013 as head of sales.



Sonya Crocker
Print/Digital Advertising Traffic
If you need your spirits lifted, go spend a few minutes with Sonya. She knows that laughter is good for the soul – we know it’s true because we often can hear her laughing out loud and cheering on co-workers. She has been in sales support for 26 years and with Cahaba Media Group since 2014. Sonya says that her accomplishments throughout the day bring her happiness and contentment. Her goal is to contribute to Construction Business Owner's success daily.


CBO Editorial Team


Kathy Wells
After just one year at Cahaba Media Group, Kathy was promoted to editor of Construction Business Owner. Her blazing trajectory of success is punctuated only by her continuing search for the perfect slice of pizza. A graduate of Auburn University with a degree in English, Kathy best communicates ideas through drawing. Her well-designed sketches take ideas for covers and spreads from concept to printed product, making her a favorite of the Creative Services team.


Elizabeth Manning
Managing Editor
This editor boasts both a BA and master’s in journalism from the University of Alabama. She understands that the heart of journalism is storytelling and works hard to write with passion and respect for her subjects – in this case, construction business owners. As a perk, she gets to test drive construction equipment. Yes, she wears a hard hat. Elizabeth – known in Construction Business Owner circles as Hawkeye – brings a spirit of fun to the worksite.