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​2019 Video Product showcase

​iX APAP, WiZARD masks, Serene

by ​​Apex Medical

​Apex Medical presents patient-centered solutions that make everyone live healthier. Highlighting three products: the iX APAP, the WiZARD masks and Serene mattress system.

The iX APAP is intelligently crafted and extensively connected, with cloud-based patient management system across healthcare network. It provides easy compliance online for medical professionals and health care providers to mange multiple users on a simple-to-manage dashboard, and an easy-to-use app for IOS and Android devices so patients can learn how they sleep. Heated tubing improves user compliance by avoiding nasal congestion, dryness and possible rainout in the tubing, and the reusable PM2.5 filter can effectively block out ultra-fine particles .

Choosing a mask can be daunting. That's why Apex built their mask range to be simple to understand and navigate. The basic line W210 nasal mask, W220 full face mask and W230 nasal pillow mask come in sizes to suit everyone. They are one of lightest masks on the market. Starter kits are available so you can immediately find the Wizard mask that fits just right.

The Serene mattress system is one of the best pressure ulcer prevention systems on the market. Serene Air is a blower-based, true low air loss system, generating air over 1,000 liters per minute. Serene Elite is the sister product with a quiet compressor-based, low air loss system.

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